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ProLab is a comprehensive range of pilot plant equipment for biscuit, cookie and cracker manufacture designed for research and development centres.

Having conventional production roller diameters, construction materials and speed capabilities, it is a scaled down version of production plant in width only.

The ProLab range of equipment includes:
- High Speed Research Mixer
- Rotary Moulding
- Dough Feed Systems
- Sheeting, Laminating, Gauging & Rotary Cutting

Our experience to date has been that a full-scale plant at 300 mm wide is the most practical size of pilot line. It is not too big for short runs and at the same time it is capable of good output volumes. For serious research and product development it is the ideal compromise, offering the reassurance that test work can be scaled up to production plant.

In building pilot lines for our clients we have learned that flexibility and adaptability are key issues. We know that in the R&D World sometimes space must be made for other pieces of equipment and many of our clients have come back to us to make adaptations or insert plant on their behalf.

We have built laboratory scale items to support process patent applications - work that requires the strictest confidentiality assurances and as a custom builder we offer the client the opportunity to have features that they might not get from other suppliers. For example, in a three roll-sheeter we have variable compression rolls, choice of groove styles, with and without water conditioning, variable drives to all three rolls if required, cantilevered design, a dough feed system, etc. Whatever is required - we will consider it.

New product development, new recipes, ingredient testing, maintenance of existing products and process troubleshooting are all accomplished quickly using manageable amounts of material in a cost effective and repeatable manner.

- no waiting for a downtime in production to conduct trials
- no limited trials on a production line
- multiple trials can be carried out quickly and cost effectively
- consistent products
- realistic product at pilot plant scale
- the results can be scaled up accurately to a production environment

ProLab equipment is currently in use in the R&D centres of major international players like Bristol Myers Squibb, Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Nestlé and United Biscuits.

We use stainless steel, food approved plastics and industrial components. For electrical and electronic components we use only industrial standard from suppliers such as Siemens, Lenze, Schneider Electric, etc., just the same as a production line in a factory. We attach the same health and safety standards to our laboratory equipment that you would expect in a factory.

ProLab equipment is pre-tested at our factory prior to delivery. No installation is required. We provide comprehensive unpacking instructions and all of our customers have so far completed self-installation without any difficulty. If for any reason assistance was required we could provide it.

We provide excellent operating manuals including CE Certification. In addition, we maintain a technical file for 10 years on all of our equipment.

If you have space and/or budget restrictions, then our MiniLab range of equipment could be best suited. MiniLab is our most popular line and is capable of making a single line of product in a repeatable manner.

High Speed Research Mixer

Our research mixer has everything that the technologist requires; torque measurement, power measurement...


Dough Feed Systems

The dough feed system eliminates the need for manual labour between the mixer and the forming equipment...


Rotary Moulding

The ProLab Rotary Moulder is a scaled version of a production rotary moulding machine...


Sheeting, Laminating, Gauging & Rotary Cutting

The ProLab sheeting, laminating, gauging and rotary cutting line is a multi-purpose full-scale plant...